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India FarmCare Pvt Ltd of India is a diversified marketing Company, focused on improving farmer’s wealth through meaningful innovation in the areas of Crop Protection Products, Fertilizers, Irrigation Systems and Agricultural Implements.  The Company is aspiring to become leader in Chemical and Biological Pesticides and Fertilizers as well as water management systems.

Want to Create Innovations that matter to Farmers.

Since introduction of the first FarmCare product from the year 2014, we wanted to have novelty and a farmer-centric approach as at the core of our Company.

Our commitment is to deliver excellent products, as well as innovative and locally relevant agricultural inputs that make a real difference to our customers, stake holders across the country. We believe that the best way for us to do this, is through deep understanding of farmers’ needs and desires.

When we bring the farmers and innovations together, we can really create the next generation products and services that farmers truly need. These are meaningful things that help farmers to become rich, live well and enjoy life. We think, this sets us apart and makes us a prominent brand.

Vision and Strategy

Improving Farmers’ wealth through meaningful products and services.

Through our innovative product, we want to improve the quality of farming for millions of farmers, by creating a strong and trusted FarmCare brand with market access all over the Country. In light of key trends and challenges – e.g. the demand for affordable farm inputs and farmers’ desire for personal well-being – we are confident in our chosen strategic direction.


At FarmCare, we strive to make the Agriculture healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Our goal is to improve the wealth and dignity of Indian Farmers. We will be the best place to work for people who share our passion. Together we will deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders.

Mission Improving farmers’ wealth through most innovative products and services.
  • Eager to win
  • Take ownership
  • Team up to excel

With main focus on meaningful innovation, we want to serve rural farmers’ markets through three overlapping sectors:

  • Crop Protection
  • Water Management
  • Fertilizers

Throughout our portfolio, we want to demonstrate our innovation capacity by translating farmers’ insights into meaningful technology and applications that improve the quality of agriculture.

Aspiring to create the future of Crop Protection

As an aspirant to become leader in Crop Protection business, we are guided by the understanding that there is a farmer at the centre of everything we do. By pioneering new solutions that improve and expand care around the rural India, we are dedicated to create the ideal experience for all farmers, small and progressive.

Enhancing Quality of farming with Water Management systems.

At FarmCare Water Management System we wish to enhance farming quality by delivering innovative and most efficient solutions of irrigations systems to farmers every day, everywhere.

Serving farmers achieve a healthier agriculture yields.

We wish, our Fertilizer Division is dedicated to respond the farmers’ aspirations all through the Indian Rural, inspiring and enabling them to harvest well and enjoy Agriculture.


Our Leadership

I want to enable our Supervisory Team, local market teams and business units to take charge and to do what is best for FarmCare. A timely decision may be right or wrong; a decision that comes too late is always wrong. By allowing our market teams to resource to win, we can continue making successful investments. Innovation will remain a cornerstone of our strategy. Investing in innovation is part of investing in growth. But we must base our bets on a very profound understanding of Rural Markets and Farmers.”

Managing Director, India FarmCare Pvt Ltd.


The members of the FarmCare Executive Committee share powers and responsibilities for managing the Company.

Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board takes care of the policies of the executive management of India FarmCare Pvt Ltd

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